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Are you interested in improving your employees' wellness and boosting morale in your company? Consider hosting a customized wellness workshop with Jamie, tailored to meet your specific needs. Each workshop is thoughtfully designed to match your needs. With a foundation of knowledge, interaction, and practical application, Jamie creates a fun and supportive environment where everyone can learn and grow!

Topics may include...

  • Stress Reduction Techniques

    • tools to manage & reduce stress at work and at home

  • Resources s to incorporate mindfulness into your unique work environment.

  • Work-Life Balance Strategies

    • effective ways to balance professional demands with personal well-being.

  • Relaxation Techniques

    • Practice techniques that promote relaxation &mental clarity.

  • Personal Values & how to align with them

  • 1 Hour Reiki Session                                            $85

    • In home (will travel within CO)

    • In studio​ at Celestial Salt or Moxie Suites

  • 30 minute Distance Reiki Session                     $45 

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